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The Product

Devices that contain high-frequency digital circuits typically emit electromagnetic (EM) energy concentrated around a number of distinct frequencies. This means that all consumer electronic devices that contain integrated circuitry are subject to poor signal-to-noise ratio due to internally generated electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the digital logic processes.

Mitigating EMI provides specific challenges to device manufacturers in their attempt to improve device performance. Slip Signal is a set of digital logic families with intrinsically low electromagnetic emissions and deployed as digital building blocks, which is used to mitigate EMI in modern electronic equipment.

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Our Mission

Slip Signal Technologies, LLC is a semiconductor design and consulting startup company founded in 2022. Our mission is to revolutionize digital logic by developing technology that natively reduces self-generated electromagnetic emission from digital logic processes, thereby giving semiconductor engineers and device manufacturers more innovative room to build tomorrow’s products today.

Our technology helps businesses overcome electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test failures by expediting:

  • Certification approvals and the ability to release products into the market in a timely fashion.
  • Innovation of design processes by streamlining technical development, thereby saving time and money.
  • Resolve poor-performing devices by minimizing signal electronic interferences.


Unlike traditional digital logic processes , all boolean and sequential functions are performed in Gaussian pulse domain when using Slip Signal. Because of the low harmonics, Slip Signal natively reduces self-generated electromagnetic emissions.

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Use Cases

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Digital Logic is the “engine” that powers electronic automobiles, medical devices, and consumer products including cell phones, personal computers, laptops, tablets, cable /internet services etc. Slip Signal can be used in all integrated circuits that use digital logic and is compatible with traditional digital logic families.

Our Partners

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Who We Are

Dr. Paige Shelborne, CEO

Paige is an accomplished leader and serial technology entrepreneur with experience in leading global operations, work products, human capital, budget planning, business development, and executing innovative technology.

Dr. Ernest Kwegyir-Afful, CTO

Ernest has a track record in leading teams to develop innovative technology tools that address specific stakeholder needs, some of which have been featured in the Harvard Business Review

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